Review: Fabulous

I’ve been wanting to incorporate healthier habits in my life for a while, but that’s always easier said than done. That’s when I walked into Fabulous, an app designed to help you build healthy habits that last.

I got the app suggested to me while browsing Google Play and it inmediately caught my attention (the colors are so pretty!), so I decided to give it a try for a week or two to see how it went. I was instantly pleased by the overall design of the app, everything looks bright and encouraging for your new adventure! (unsurprisingly, it won Best Design and Most Innovative Finalist in the Google Play Awards)

wow, that’s cute.

The app started with creating a new “morning ritual” for me to follow. This ritual is built gradually, so it’s really easy to get started. My first 3 days, all I had to do was drink a glass of water in the morning! Then, if you’re consistent with your habits, the app starts to give you more goals for your ritual, making your improvement feel smooth and easy.

A couple weeks later, my morning ritual looked like this:


Fabulous gives you tips on what to  do for your ritual, but you can also add activities of your own. In my case I added shower time, so I could schedule things better. It’s like a little morning checklist! (you know I love checklists)

Going through the whole journey of making a good morning routine took me a little less than a month. Every couple days I’d get letters with interesting tips (like an avocado and egg toast recipe I LOVED), inspirational quotes, and weekly reviews of how I was doing. It felt really encouraging and motivating! A detail I also liked is how they asked me for my name at the beginning, so the app always addressed me as Coni – it felt more personal.

The one thing that bugged me, though, is how the more I progressed, the more invasive the app reminders felt. I’d reach for my phone to check the time and it’s all “CONI! TIME TO HAVE A GREAT BREAKFAST!!

Okay, it’s not THAT obnoxious, but it’s how I felt.

Maybe that’s not even a bad thing. Maybe my annoyance just means that I had grown, and I didn’t need an app to tell me what I needed to do anymore. Maybe it just meant I was ready to move on to something else.

Now, this isn’t all Fabulous has to offer. The app has many different “journeys” that you can start to build new sets of habits (better sleep, an exercise routine, self-discipline…), but most of them are part of their paid program, Fabulous Sphere. I only tried the free journey that comes with the app, which is this morning ritual. I might try them out in the future once I’m settled with my current habits 😉

I don’t use Fabulous anymore, but I keep doing my morning ritual – on my own. This app really helped me get started on changes that I’ve been wanting to make for months, which have been beneficial for my health and energy. I totally recommend giving it a try.

Have you tried making morning routines for yourself? is there anything else you’d like to see in a review? let me know in the comments! 😛

  • GeminiR

    Feels like having Skynet doing the nagging instead of a relative/significant other.
    What I lked the most is your conclusion: That the App is something that can help you start, but that the idea is that you outgrow it. Great Review, Thanks.

    • I’d rather have Skynet nag me than a relative or significant other, that way I can’t really get mad at them x’D

  • A McIntire

    I have been perfecting my morning rituals and just added an evening ritual. For me, this app reminds me to do the things to make me healthy and happy, as I continue to care for my family. The family every day tasks are routine but now MY rituals integrate without skipping a beat and I have plenty of quality time for prayer and meditation too. Thank you Fabulous!