Getting started on Productivity methods

 For the last two years or so I’ve been really invested in the topic of productivity. There’s tons of books and websites on the matter, and a lot of them seem to offer methods that are the ultimate solution to everyone’s organization problems. But…it’s never that straightforward, really.

Everyone works and thinks differently, so there isn’t such a thing as a one-size-fits-all method that’s guaranteed to get your stuff done. This might be discouraging if you’re impatient, but if you’re willing to try different methods until you find what fits you best, it can be totally worth the effort.

Now, no matter what you choose to do, there are some things you have to keep in mind:

  • You have to stick to it. Lists and methods don’t work on their own, you have to commit to it so you can keep everything updated.
  • It shouldn’t feel like extra work. Productivity methods are there to make your life simpler, not harder! Task management should feel natural to your workflow, if you dread doing it then it’s hard to stick to it. Don’t get discouraged if it’s hard at the beginning, though! 
  • It should adapt to your work and your mindset. Different jobs and projects work in different ways, and not every method works for everything. Same goes for people. Are you a more visual person? or you prefer just words? do you work alone or with a team? These are all things to consider. 

I’m currently using a combination of things that works really well for me (I use Todoist + a weekly planner + a kanban board at work), but I still like to read about different approaches and try new stuff from time to time…for fun, mostly. That earned me the title of productivity nerd from many of my friends (I still love you, guys), so I might as well share some of what I’ve learned in here. Hopefully it will help you get started on finding what’s best for you if you want to have a more productive/organized life :^)

If you want to get started right away, begin with writing a simple to-do list with your current tasks! Just writing them down helps you get them off of your mind (“I can’t forget to do this!!”), so instead of worrying about remembering the task (because it’s written down) you can actually go and do it. 

That’s all for now! If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to talk about, let me know in the comments 😁

  • GeminiR

    These are great principles! (above all the first one: Stick to IT!)

    … now, how to overcome the unbearable desire to procrastinate? πŸ™

    • Hmm, that’s a hard one! I think you have to gradually make a habit out of procrastinating less – or at least “procrastinating” on stuff that’s useful πŸ˜› I think it’d be fun to ask more people for their opinions on that one!

  • This was very encouraging to read, actually. πŸ˜€ β™‘ I like how you acknowledged that everyone thinks and works differently, and tis cute how your friends call you that. :3

    Don’t know about suggestions – just, maybe next time we could see a step-by-step of one of your tasks? Just to get a more personal touch on how you do something and such. n_n β™‘

    • Thank you! and hey, that’s a fun idea! I could post a couple pictures of my lists and whatnot, haha

  • irene

    Have you look into bullet journal? I’m so happy i found a blog that talks about organizing that’s very art related! it’s rare!

    • I know about bullet journals, but I haven’t done it myself yet (I already have a weekly planner), though I have taken some of the definitions used for bullet journaling (like using dots for tasks, etc). One of my best friends has been experimenting with bullet journals lately and it looks super interesting and fun, especially because it’s real easy to customize :’D

      (and thank you! good to know this is a good mix to bring in haha)