Becoming a Minimalist

Here’s a new resolution I have for 2017: I want to become a minimalist.

It all began because I started listening to The Minimalists Podcast while I work on my comic. Stuff like intentional living and adding value are expressions you hear often in this show, and they inmediately caught my attention. Basically, minimalism is about getting rid of all the excess in your life, so you can focus on what’s important.

If I get rid of all the clutter in my room, I can have a more organized space. If I stop wasting my time on mindlessly scrolling the web, I can have more time for my comics. It’s all about the same thing: intention. 

we’ve all wasted our time like this at some point.

Last year I already did an intense decluttering of my desk by using the Konmari Method, which is based on discarding items you don’t really need. It’s a good approach to minimalism, but I feel that it’s not enough on its own. I mean, it’s been half a year since then and my desk is all cluttered again! Certainly there’s something missing, a mindset that lets you keep that organization in time.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’ll become an extreme minimalist overnight, throw away all my belongings and quit social media!! it just means I want to be more mindful of what I do, what I own and how I spend my time. I’ll be taking small steps every day towards that goal, not a big leap.


I also want to be doing small “minimalist experiments”, to force changes for short periods of time. I’m starting with something that’s easy for me: avoid drinking soda for the whole month of March. I’m not a big fan of soda anyway (except Mountain Dew, which isn’t sold here…), so I should be able to do it. I’ll let you know how it goes by the end of the month 😛 [edit: I made it!! not a single drop of soda for an entire month]

I know this is going to take some time, and it’s going to be hard and scary, but I want to try, and I’ll be documenting that journey here. Maybe some of this might be useful to someone else.


  • Coral Roze

    Good luck!!